Why Did I Make Things Confusing Personally And Own Two Websites?


Does anybody ever type a .internet within the finish in the website they are searching? Even I keep accidentally purchasing .com I’m like I must train myself and hope that my new site doesn’t accidentally get targeted traffic to a different one. So clearly there had not been traffic going to the new site since i have couldn’t even enter the majority of the engines like google. Apparently it should be published with sitemaps etc. How am i held made to know anything relating to this? I’m just a hobbyist attempting to become a person who may really earn some form of living from my hobby.

So off I’m going and appearance Google things i am made to do next. And so the submissions began, clearly I accidentally published the .com version. How stupid am i held? Here’s me searching to obtain a .internet visible in addition to I am unable to comprehend it correctly. Fortunately the submission must be confirmed via e-mail and i also quickly deleted it so that they will not accidentally submit someone else’s website. I started studying on sitemaps and my poor brain was fried in those days. Downloads, uploads, codes and steps you can take with robots that convinced me which i required to stop. Why did I ensure it is so difficult personally. Surely I really could succeed with simply focusing on the primary one website and continue to boost people to it alone. No, apparently since i am still persisting.

I came back for the hosting how do people see what’s done only to uncover I am unable to include any codes or robots for the simple site that we own. I will need to pay extra for just about any service that could provide the freedom of those apparent functions of site vandalism. I have not had enough success with this particular site to be able to afford these extra services therefore i made a decision I’ll rather try and drive some people to it by talking about this using a Facebook page and creating a hyperlink that folks can click without having to type in any .com’s or .net’s.