What demographics can help you determine a customer on Facebook?


When you are not on Facebook for fun and friendships, then you are obviously in business. Therefore, it is understandable when you buy real facebook likes or buy real facebook fansto gain some level of relevance and credibility. Remember, no one will buy from you if you have few likes or small followership and they may confuse you from being a con. Moreover, you have to do whatever you can to salvage your business if it becomes necessary.

So, what are the demographics that can help you determine and engage potential customers? Remember, you don’t have to contact each one of them personally, but you can instead tag a few, and they’ll react accordingly or reach back to you. Well, the demographics including but not limited to, the following:

  • Age

After you decide to buy 1000 facebook likes, you must then do a small survey to establish the age group of the people who react to your posts. Other than just finding customers, different people from varying age groups are handles differently, and once you get it the right way, you can retain as many fans as possible.

  • Lifestyle

Almost everyone with a high-end type of lifestyle will always show it on social media, and you must take advantage of that, especially if you are selling fashionable products. For instance, if you are in the business of e-juices or vapes, facebook can be the perfect hunting grounds for real customers, especially when you buy facebook fans. Anyone that seems to be fascinated by the rise of vape culture will likely post themselves vaping or holding the vapes, and that is where you tag them in your posts. Before you know it, you’ll be supplying vape juices to a few new other customers from facebook, especially if they come from around your locality.

  • Education

Most people will update their education bio every time they get a new qualification. If you are into tailoring and designing business, these can be a perfect spot for hunting down elites and corporate moguls who must at all-time dress in formal wear when at work. Well, it is pretty simple. For instance, when one of your fans upgrades to master’s level, you can reach out, congratulate them, then request them to visit your offices for a crazy discount in his first five suits. No one would turn down such an offer, especially if you reached out fast.

  • Household size

If they keep posting large houses that to you they aren’t decorated as they are supposed to be, you can send them a few samples of your interior design work. Most successful companies started out rather oddly with their first client ad as they say the rest is history. So, buy facebook likes today and start making it count!

  • Job role

Lastly, facebook enables its users to share almost everything about them, including the job descriptions and job positions. If you are in the business of Public Relations or distributing press releases, then your target, in this case, will be high-flying corporate men and women, who can make a decision in a company. If they are regular followers and reactors to your posts, then you can pull a cold-pitch on the most convincing fan. However, this act isn’t a sure thing that you’ll land permanent clients. In your pitches, make sure that you look out of the ordinary, and most importantly, like a pro.