What are the Top 3 Best Search Engines in 2020?


When we need to search something then Google or Bing will be the first two search engines to come in our mind. But there is an alternative search engine called the deep web search engine. There is some information that is only available on the deep web, Google or Bing will never show us this information. 

Google can track all your steps when you are online. But in the top dark web search engines, even Google can’t reach you. You can also understand it as an invisible web. There are so many top dark web search engines which will lead you to your destination while keeping you anonymous. 

Let us go for the most interesting and Buzz creating top 3 deep web search engines of 2020.

  • Pipl

Pipl will help you to find deep web pages which you won’t find in normal search engines. These robots are set to interact with numerous databases, extract facts, every possible contact details of a personal profile. In the deep web, they even find the court records and several other sources. 

It uses ranking algorithms and dip model language analysis to bring you the exact information about something or someone in an illegal way.

  • My Life

This deep web search engine can a list someone’s every smaller to smaller details like form birthday to the current location or any kind of past criminal history or his whereabouts or even personal relationships. You can get the quality amount of information about someone for free but if you want the whole details about him then you need to spend $6.95 US Doller and then you will be able to get the service for one month. 

  • Yippy

It is a metasearch engine that collects its result from other web indexes it is regarded by the experts as a family friend deep web search engine which is generally used for privacy or protection or both.  Unlike Google, it will never save your history on searching. The usefulness of Yippy is more to the parents of today’s young generation than anyone else. 

The dark web is generally used for illegal works like smuggling, drug supply, porn videos, etc. Though it is difficult to teach a dark web user as the identity is kept private but still you should not venture there without any particular reason. Though it works like regular Search engines it is different than that.