Secure Internet Surfing and Anonymity is a Reality With Proxy


How to Stay Anonymous Online Security

While the internet is a nearly endless source of entertainment and information, it’s hard not to wonder how safe it is overall. After all, convenience always comes at a price, right? You are absolutely right, and in this case, the price is your privacy. This is where anonymous surfing comes into play – the idea that you can use the Internet without revealing your personal information and preventing it from being tracked by the government, advertisers, and other structures.

Why is it important to remain anonymous on the Internet?

Believe it or not, it’s getting harder and harder to claim any kind of privacy online. In fact, what you do on the Internet rarely stays between you and your device.


It is very easy to take away your freedom of speech, whether it is the internal census of some online site or harassment and harassment by other users for expressing their own opinion. One of the benefits of surfing anonymously is that it gives you the right to vote, even if you didn’t have one before.

Shields sensitive data from marketers

Like search engines, marketers and advertisers know too much about you. But how, you may ask? Well, thanks to the search engines and social networks for that. They share your data with third-party advertisers for profit.

To illustrate, if you “like” a Facebook page about stoves, do not be surprised if, afterward, ads for stoves follow you everywhere: on Facebook, on Google and other sites. In order not to be tracked you may try using UK proxy.

Utilizing proxy

A proxy is a server that acts as an intermediary between a small local network and the Internet. Many internet users rely on proxies to hide IP addresses or access region-restricted content. Most Proxy Services are free, but there are also paid proxies with better privileges. In turn, it is even safer to buy proxy from a reliable provider. Furthermore, depending on the preference of the administrator, the proxy server may be set to automatically filter malicious websites.