Perfect SEO Options You Would Get Perfectly Now


When we are beginning our journey to create a website or blog, a fundamental piece is to follow an appropriate SEO strategy, this will help us to grow rapidly if we follow a few concrete steps and do not fall into bad habits.

Mainly for our website, and therefore, our business to grow on the web in terms of web positioning, we must pay attention to a number of factors:

  • Inbound links or backlinks.
  • Authority of the page.
  • Internal Linkbuilding 

In this article we will focus on the first point, how to get quality incoming links to our website, since if we improve this aspect, the second point, that of the authority of the page, will also be improved, getting a rise in posts in the Google ranking. With the small business seo you can have the best options open now.

Buy links

Buy inbound links to improve SEO

To get inbound links to our website there are several ways to obtain them. The simplest, or the one of a lifetime, is to contact the webmaster of the page in question requesting a direct link to our website , this method is not bad at all, but you know how Google is, for the search engine the content is the king , so a simple link in the sidebar today is little.

Currently the best method that you can use to link to you from a web page is to develop an article of no less than 500 words , original and of quality, no copy-paste, a text that offers value to users who read it , another of the methods is based on comments on forums and blogs of very high authority, where quality content is generated.

This option is now the best you can do if you want to improve your inbound links to improve SEO, and one of the solutions is to buy links to your website.

Considerations when buying links

When you go to buy links to your website or project, you have to have a series of points that you should not lose sight of so that your SEO strategy has maximum efficiency:

Anchor text : This point is very important. The anchor text is the text used to put the hyperlink and you must select it after doing an analysis of your page. It’s no use to always use the same anchor text because you can receive a penalty from Google. Be creative, and above all, be natural when choosing this text.

Key pages to link: In any SEO strategy worth its salt, and in the projects we develop, it is always interesting to position one page more than another, it does not always have to be the cover. By linking other pages with different keywords, we will access from Google and obtain other sources of visitor visits, which we can later link to products or services.


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