HUAWEI Band 5 Defines A New Movement Mode


As the saying goes, “Life lies in sports”. Many people like sports in life, and the ways of sports are different. Keep your body healthy through sports is important. Mode of exercise is single. It is boring. People have no motivation or effect in exercise. For a long time, so many people will slack off from sports. HUAWEI Band 5 is designed for sports. It makes sports more effective and redefining new ways of sports.

HUAWEI Band 5 provides better and more secure new sports methods for athletes. It has advanced science and technology. It suits modern people’s sports methods. It uses systematic data analysis.  Blind exercise has no effect. It causes body rebound, body dysfunction, muscle strain, etc. The HUAWEI Band 5 combined with the analysis of basic data of human movement. It can provide good sports suggestions. It makes sports more effective and targeted. The following is an analysis of the internal technology of HUAWEI Band 5.

HUAWEI Band 5 provides an advanced running plan. It can provide comprehensive tracking and data display for high-level sports. It provides resonable suggestions. HUAWEI Band 5 can provide athletes with heart rate, exercise time, stride frequency, speed, calories, etc. Athletes should pay attention to these data. They should increase the amount of exercise by exercise suggestions. You should not blindly set goals. It results in irregular heart rate. Exercise may under lack of oxygen. That can impose a burden on the body and cannot achieve the effect of exercise. They should arrange their own sports according to data and suggestions. You can participate in the in-depth exercise plan provided by the system. It improves the physical fitness.

HUAWEI Band 5 takes into account the needs of swimmers. The HONOR Band 5 has a waterproof capacity of up to 50 M. HUAWEI Band 5 has built-in six-axis sensor. It can identify four main swimming styles. It can monitor the speed, distance and calories when swimming. Combined with data analysis, let the body improve its swimming level under normal conditions, thus improving its cardiopulmonary ability.

HUAWEI Band 5 can not only provide professional data analysis for athletes in sports, but also is very convenient in use. It can stand by for 14 days at a time of charging, find the mobile phone in the wrong position, take photos freely, and monitor sleep quality, making life more intelligent, convenient and comfortable.