How To Make Your Computer Last Longer


There are practices to put in place for the sustainability of your computer and stay in the right conditions. Nothing very complicated, just simple things and common sense that will allow your computer to last and resist the time and the different attacks of which it can be a victim.

  • Use Two Partitions On Your Hard Drive

Why put everything on this famous C drive? With the large storage capacity of today’s hard drives, it is possible to partition your hard drive into multiple disks, for example, a disk C where the system and applications are located and a disk D to store your documents, images, movies, music, etc. In this case, if you are worried, you can start a reinstallation of the disk C without leaving the data left on the disk D unaffected! For more information on handling, see this page.

  • Have An Updated Antivirus

You have to install an antivirus on your Dell PowerEdge R840. Today, many free antiviruses (Avast, Microsoft Essential Security, Etc.) provide adequate protection for the needs of most users lambda. Also, note that the price of a paid protection has now decreased and it is possible to opt for a paid antivirus against only a few tens of euros per year. But the best antivirus remains and will always remain the user.

  • Avoid Opening An Email Sent By An Unknown Sender

When you receive an email from someone, you do not know or is not identifiable. No need to open it and click on the email link, you can directly delete it and report it as spam if your email box allows it. Tell yourself that if someone wants to get in touch with you, not sure he already has your email. And then, he will be able to write a specific email object and identify himself clearly so that doubt is not allowed.

  • Update Your Software

We all agree on this point. Updating Windows or other software of your Dell PowerEdge R540 never comes at the right time. But be aware that the majority of what these updates contain is about security. Software publishers are very sensitive to the safety of their software and want users always to be able to use it safely. So, yes, it is long and tedious, but it can save you a lot of hassle afterwards to update your system and your software regularly and thus block potential security vulnerabilities on your computer.