How to Fix a Frozen Brother Printer like a Pro?


Nothing is worse than a Brother printer that keeps freezing in the middle of printing an important document. Surely, troubleshooting comes in handy. Sometimes, it just needs to restart and sometimes, you need to remove the printer ink cartridge. Many believe that frozen printer means frozen Brother ink cartridge. In other words, people need to understand the setup of the printer to understand and fix the problem.

  1. First and foremost, all you need to do is turn the printer completely off when the Brother printer by ca freezes during or after a print job. This helps in resetting the system and let the printer cool down for a few minutes. On the basis of how many pages are used by the printer and the ink cartridge, it may just have happened because of overheating.
  2. After you have unplugged the printer and let it cool down, it may be ready to begin printing again. Plug in the printer again and turn on the power switch. On the basis of the model of the printer, it may print a test page to prove that it is working well again.
  3. If turning off the printer fails, then the problem must have something to do with the alignment of the Brother ink cartridge. Many cartridges bear a bar code to coordinate with the printer. When you call Brother Customer support, they may ask you that if you have a generic or a Brother cartridge. This may not matter significantly, but they just want to confirm if you are using their ink cartridge or not.
  4. Try removing the cartridge and then brushing it off. Sometimes, the dust clogged in the cartridge may have blocked the barcode that renders it difficult for it to coordinate with the printer. Shake the cartridge well to distribute the product inside evenly and wipe down the sensors with the help of rubbing alcohol. Then, install it again and wait to check if the printer is up and running or not.
  5. Driver issue could be another reason that the printer may keep freezing frequently. Various models are upgraded on a daily basis. Hence, it is always beneficial to check Brother’s website to look out for new updates. All you need is a quick download to get the printer up and running.

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