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How to Dry Your Phone if It Gets Accidentally Soaked?


Before getting involved in how to set about drying your phone, there are a couple of things you need to do promptly after getting rid of the phone from the fluid.

  • Make sure to shut off the phone. You want to protect against the phone from short circuit.
  • If you can, proceed and eliminate the battery. It mightn’t be possible on a lot of phones, like the iPhone, but if you can, eliminate it right away.
  • Get rid of the SIM card if you can. It’s not a big bargain; however, if you have essential information stored on there, especially for Android customers, you could be able to conserve all that information by removing the SIM and memory card.

Drying Strategies

  • Hairdryer

A lot of things you can try at this point. One more big error is using a hairdryer improperly. It feels like the perfect selection for drying out something out right? Wrong! You can utilize a hair dryer, but only use the cool setting or fan setting. Do not utilize any warm setup on the hairdryer.

  • Vacuums

You must also avoid making use of vacuums as they can cause more damage than help. If you have a little computer vacuum as well as there is an attachment that develops a great seal with the phone, then give it a shot.

Or else, I don’t advise trying to use your house vacuum cleaner as static electrical energy can damage the circuit in the device.

  • Uncooked Rice

The best choice is to place your phone right into a plastic bag, fill it with rice or quinoa, secure the bag, and allow it is rest for numerous days.

The drawback is that you need to wait a long period; however, it’s worth the delay. This technique works well, and lots of people swear by it.

The other thing to note regarding rice is that you must attempt to use rice from a sealed packet. Open rice will not have the ability to absorb as much water, and you’ll be squandering your time.

If still the problems are not solved and your phone doesn’t get switched on, then you should visit phone repairs Sydney, and let professionals take care of your phone.