How to Choose the Right Presentation Folder Quality


One of the biggest truths about marketing materials and the impact that they have is that there is no way, that you can make a good impact with it being cheap and shoddy looking. Thus, when it comes to presentation folder printing, you must ensure that they are of good quality. Having said that, however, we know all too well, that it is easier said than done to find an A4 or A5 presentation folder that is impeccable and just perfect to the touch. So how do you really gauge if a presentation folder is of good quality or not?

Here’s listing certain aspects of presentation folder printing, paying attention to which, will ensure that you have in your repertoire the best in class presentation folder there is”

  • The first thing that you need to pay attention to is the material, in terms of the look of the product as well as how durable it truly is. To be honest, it is quite easy to spot thin and flimsy stock material what you need is a material that doesn’t droop because that is the first tell-tale sign of flimsy quality. Stronger quality of stock would be able to withstand the effects of gravity and stand fairly independently in the process and give your A4 presentation folder a premium look and feel. A word of caution, however, would be that even if you are tempted too, do not pick too heavy a stock, since they have a tendency to crack when bent. So you might’ve gone with the idea the heavier the better but sadly it isn’t so, so the path of moderation has scored again.
  • Generally, when it comes to folders, the area which sees maximum wear and tear is the edges, and it is such a common side to see folders with frayed edges. This happens more so in cases of folders which have sharp and clean edges, so to make sure that your folders do not become dog eared, you could get the edges of your A5 presentation folders rounded so as to avoid such kind of unsightly wear and tear. Another way of avoiding such a fate for your folders would be to get their edges reinforced wherein the edges of your folders are strengthened by doubling them up through careful folding and gluing.
  • Getting your presentation folders coated nicely, not only makes them look even more attractive it also extends their durability. Uncoated folders though cheaper, are quite bland an unattractive and not to mention don’t even end up lasting that long. There many kinds of coatings available in the market today ranging from lamination that enhances the longevity of your folders to UV coating that gives your folders a glossy glow like no other. If you want a little textured look on your folder then you can go for something like aqueous coating for soft tough that can make your A4 presentation folder have a different texture altogether.
  • Finally, when it comes to presentation folder printing, you need to know that variations always exist and that if you end up using a printer which is not good, the final result will be disappointing as well. Not so great ink capacity means at that you might get visible flaws in your final printed A4 presentation folder, hence you need to make sure that your order samples first and see for yourself what kind of product you will be receiving so that you know that the printer is at par with your requirements. If you are going for extra design elects alike embossing or metallic accents, then make sure you ask your printing company first whether they even do that. Presentation folders printing, when leveraged correctly, can make sure that your potential clients turn into brand loyalists.
  • An additional item that plays an important role in the look of the final A4 presentation folders the glue being used. Now, this is something we are sure that no one thought about. From folder coming apart to seeing specks of dry glue, you need to make sure that your printer is using the right amount of glue for your presentation folder. Thus why getting samples when you’re not sure is the best way to go

Thus, if you pay attention to all these details, you will be able to effectively maximise the impact that your A4 or A5 presentation folder has on the intended audience. The best result is always achieved through the 4 colour process and even though it is a tad bit expensive it is something worth investing in, given how important presentation folders are.