How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Cyber Security


Progressive technology is the need of the hour. With automation and machine learning at the forefront of future technology, every business is experiencing a shift in the way they have been functioning. From personal assistance to facial recognition, self-driving cars, and building an entire township with automation, AI has taken over a more substantial part of modern human lives. Such radical development in information exchange also means a huge increase in computing technology, which can support the fast-growing network of constantly connected devices. This indeed is a significant turn of event for human civilization.

However, with considerable changes, there come great risks. The complex web of devices, networks, and computing system have become the hub of cyber threats. If information security was a choice even a decade ago, today it is one of the necessities of every tech user. Securing data and information on digital platforms is of utmost importance for enterprises, their clients, and every other party involved in the business. Every piece of information exchanged across the web is subject to misuse by attackers. As such, cybersecurity has become essential for every business to protect their all possible data, passwords, financial details, or even photographs. Cybersecurity is responsible for the protection of the computing system and everything therein, including all hardware, software, applications, and information.

This is where Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role.

AI for cybersecurity

The use and integration of AI in cybersecurity is not new. Even in the early years of cyber threats, machine learning was used to counter-attack and expose malicious activities across the web. However, the way the modern AI programs are built, they can do a lot more and much in advance, even before an attack can affect a system. Despite being as advanced as the technology of IoT is, most connected devices do not have the best security measures that require high-end hardware and software resources. With such computing environments, AI comes in handy with much lesser investment but an adequate safety net.

Most AI solutions used today are built in a manner and with an algorithm that they can recognize threats early on. They are integrated within the web hosting environment, including cloud hosting platforms, which helps with monitoring, patching, and identify risks. The moment the program sees a consistent pattern of system behavior that could lead to a probable threat, it immediately raises a flag, so the site admin can attend to it before it can damage the site or risk the site data. This is mostly seen in financial product sites, banking systems, and insurance.

On an ending note…

This wide application of AI across all business domains is changing the way we live, think, and use technology. Besides making our lifestyle easier, AI is also developing to protect the always-online life that we live in today. Having said that, AI is not the ultimate solution for cybersecurity. Site owners also need to understand the kind of threat that their site or hosting platform can attract, and prepare in advance with tightened security measures, so that, their website always remains safe and business continues to grow.