Here is how to deal with the Vertical Lines on your iPhone Screen! 


Nowadays, it is fashionable to have iPhones, and most of us have it. Due to its comprehensive functions and stylish appearance, Apple iPhones have become the hottest alternative for business people and youngsters. With the brand of Apple, it, however, doesn’t mean you are holding a piece of steel. There is something inevitable that happened to the mobile phone, the typical case is mobile fell on the floor, and the screen becomes unresponsive, showing some vertical lines on the display. What a tragedy? Now let’s learn how to repair and fix the vertical lines on the iPhone screen.

How to deal with the Vertical Lines on your iPhone Screen? 

Often when the iPhone falls from a height, it may get horizontal or vertical lines on the screen. This is a common problem experienced in almost all iPhone models. Every time restarting your iPhone will not be the solution. Ensure that your iPhone is still under the warranty period. If it is, you are lucky, go to the Apple store, and they will fix it. However, if you try any DIY and open the iPhone on your home, you will lose its warranty. Relax, there are professional iPhone repairs Sydney that can fix it for you.

Here are some reasons why the iPhone screen may get vertical lines:

  • Loss of connection between the processor and the screen
  • Loose connection between the logic board and the flex cable
  • Due to fall from a height or a hefty bump unexpectedly
  • Water damage
  • Problem with display IC
  • One other significant cause for vertical lines is electrostatic discharge.

Can I use my iPhone with Vertical Lines on its Display?

When vertical lines appear, in most cases, the screen will become unresponsive. It is advised to get your iPhone screen fixed at iPhone screen repairs as early as possible. However, there is a temporary solution to use the unresponsive screen. Try using your keypad in landscape mode where the vertical lines are not overlying. Often this might not work. However, you can get the least unresponsiveness of the screen in this mode. Use this idea to recover any important files or pictures from the phone.

The common myth among iPhone users is that if their iPhone screen is damaged, it may make the iPhone dead. This is completely wrong. Contact expert iPhone repairs Sydney that has a team of technicians to bring back your iPhone to working conditions at a low cost.

How can Professional iPhone screen repairs Sydney help?

Every one of us knows how much it will cost to get a new iPhone. So, most people try to use the damaged iPhone as long as possible. However, there are other solutions. The professionals will have many tools to help you finish the replacing work. Don’t worry if there appear vertical lines on your iPhone screen. The expert professionals in iPhone screen repairs to help you fix it.

It is better to have iPhone screen replacement Sydney than getting a new iPhone instead. The iPhone with the newly replaced screen will have your iPhone take a fresh look.