Become A Solid SEO Professional In Today’s Competitive Environment


Obtaining jack-of-all-trades will take you a long way after you have graduated from school and graduate studies, especially after you have gathered many years of experience in the same field (for example, search engine optimization / SEO. Additionally, when you can do well with local SEO for one of the markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan, you may be as good as what a Hong Kong SEO company is doing for customers/clients. Basically you are at this specific status, and you should never need to proactively find a job. For instance, a person on his way to become a professional SEO specialist should do the following.

The compulsory experience and learning

Get a degree in computer science from a good school.

Work and get a few years of actual and practical experience in SEO, though preferably with more than 10 years of work experience in the field.

Get at least a few years of working experience in traditional and online marketing, at the same time while working through SEO. In fact, a lot of concepts in SEO and marketing are common. You may be able to the experience when you manage a marketing team who handle ad campaigns, run affiliate programs, manage many social media campaigns, and write many articles.

Get a few years of experience in graphic design and/or UI/UX. This is going to help you build better websites, especially mobile friendly sites that would definitely help with Google mobile SEO and local SEO. For instance, you may be doing SEO for a site that needs local ranking in Hong Kong.

Get some certificates in information technology. In today’s internet marketing which includes SEO, you cannot afford not to understand many concepts in I.T.

Read many books and online blogs about graphic design, digital marketing, UI/UX, business, CRM, CMS, email marketing, social marketing, etc.

Learn as many hard skills as you can. Start with programming/coding. Get familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and frameworks by actually practicing the skills i.e. Build web pages from scratch. With the additional skills, you will get a much better understanding of SEO and marketing in general. The hard skills are going to take you a long way in the future when new skills keep adding onto your existing stack of skills.

Research a niche. Run keyword research from the beginning to the end for industries that you did not know. Purchase a domain. Get a web hosting account set up. Practically code some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Design some images. Write some content and blog articles. Dig into the numbers i.e. use analytics (e.g. Google Analytics) and actually go through the data reports. All these are going to contribute towards you becoming a better SEO professional.

Your goals (which aren’t end goals)

You may move into a chief marketing officer CMO role, though in recent years it is more commonly known as the “growth officer”, as the role has been linked with performance driven KPIs. By that time, you may well be working for a world class real estate company which is paying you a good looking salary.

You may start your own consulting agency. You may struggle in the beginning for getting new businesses. But when your reputation grows, there will be more customers who are willing to pay to receive services from you, especially those ones whose websites have received Google penalties or could never solved the low Google ranking mysteries of their websites.