Applications Of Biometric Technology 


Biometric technology was primarily used many years before to enhance national security – by identifying criminals and restricting their border mobility. But for the past decade, companies have discovered the advantages of biometrics in improving service delivery and strengthening access control.

Voice recognition in virtual assistants, like Siri and Alexa, facilitates convenience in allowing users to operate the service even while doing other things. For example, while driving, individuals can do touchless map search through voice commands. Voice recognition in smart homes also permits the convenient control of many IoT (internet of things) devices like light switches, door locks, security cameras, and more.

Also prevalent today is the use of biometrics in digital security, especially in corporate, banking, and e-commerce platforms. Biometric integration in eKYC processes of banks and e-commerce entities strengthens customer verification by capturing something unique to the individual. This, therefore, eliminates the chances of bad actors gaining access to the service or platform. 

Delegated authentication is another rising identity verification mechanism whereby one system relies on another to validate user credentials. Not only does it reinforce security, but it also improves user experience by allowing the merchant platform to verify user identity on behalf of banks, thereby decreasing transaction time. Recently, Visa delegated authentication program to LoginID, a provider of biometric authentication capabilities, to help merchants reduce the likelihood of fraud and meet global regulatory and compliance demands.

LoginID’s FIDO-certified one-click strong authentications provide the mechanisms for a passwordless service platform. It addresses the weakness and limitations of usernames and passwords in securing digital accounts and transactions. Therefore, it decreases the likelihood of fraud while enabling fast and low-cost deployment.

Biometric technology has come a long way from being used almost exclusively in criminal investigations to now protecting consumers in their activities online. Employ this capability in your online platform today with the LoginID biometric authentication solution.


Biometric Technology: a brief history